18 July

Doctor saved my life and staff was impressive

Two weeks ago at 2:30a.m. on Saturday morning, I went to the emergency room very ill. I waited until 5:30 am. to be seen. This was one of the most horrible experiences I have had while being so ill. Finally, at 5:30 a:m. m y name was called.

When I walked through the double doors, everything changed. I remember the initial part Of the exam, and I know how well I was cared for from what my husband told me. I had to have emergency surgery for a life-threatening condition. Dr. Haq saved my life. Next, I spent 6 1/2 days in the Surgical ICU.

Again, I don’t really remember the first two days, but once I was coherent enough to know what was going on around¬† me. I was very impressed. This staff works in 12-hour shifts. May I say they were as aware and competent at the end of their shift as they were in the beginning.

I would like to express for saving my gratitude to Dr. Haq for saving my life and to all the other doctors who assisted in my recovery. Thank you to the Surgical I.C.U. staff. You couldn’t have been more competent, compassionate and friendly.

Thank you for everything, and you will remain pleasantly in my thoughts.

Kathleen Martineti